Holistic, Integrated, Holistic Healing Methods for the Body, Mind and Soul.

Integrated Mental Wellness

What is Integrated Mental Wellness?

Integrated mental wellness combines lifestyle interventions, supplements/herb/plant medicine, and a range of complementary and alternative holistic therapies to understand and address mental wellness and stress reduction. The mind, body and spirit are intricately intertwined, one impacting the other synchronistically at many times. I pull from both energy medicine, wellness, integrated medicine, coaching, counseling methods, mindfulness practices, mental wellness education and neurobiology, metaphysics, psychic arts and transpersonal practices. The focus is on looking at your whole system structure and supporting you in a strengths based process in order to help you achieve mental wellness. I'm a cross between an integrated medicine practitioner, therapeutic art facilitator, yogi, spiritualist and wellness coach, trained extensively in each.

I hold a Phd in Psychology/Transpersonal Counseling am a credentialed substance abuse counselor, registered/unlicensed psychotherapist in Colorado and Vermont with numerous credentials and certifications in a variety of transpersonal, clinical, integrated health and expressive arts areas. I am legally allowed to practice counseling in Colorado, Vermont and substance use counseling in Missouri. I am legally allowed to offer Integrated Mental Wellness services and coaching across the United States.

What I do...

I provide integrated mental wellness education, coaching, transpersonal arts based substance use and metaphysical/spiritual counseling, traditional healing rituals/treatment with therapeutic art experiences, guided imagery, somatics and more to clients all over the country via telehealth. I refer to several other mind/body practitioners including massage therapists, manual therapists and acupuncturists in the Denver and Kansas City metro areas. I will be offering in-office appointments in Gladstone, Missouri on a by appointment basis beginning in 2023 as well as telehealth appointments (continuing) through my HIPPA compliant portal as I have been since 2019. Obviously some somatic and body based services are not available via telehealth (hand reflexology, cranial sacral) however, all other body based processes are (yoga, Qi Gong, somatic movement and I instruct on acupressure and reflexology points for self application). Energy work, therapeutic art, plant medicine, Curanderismo, sound therapy can all be done via telehealth. I have numerous tools in my toolbox that I've developed over the past 30 years. I work with you to find the combination of tools that helps you develop mental wellness, happiness and heal yourself.

Mindfulness, meditation, mindful and meditative art, breathwork practices, sound healing and more.

Herbal and plant medicine support, CBD education, Bach Flower Essence and support, personalized teas and tinctures for your mental wellness needs.

Trauma informed, therapeutic and expressive artmaking from a process oriented perspective.

Healing rituals, cleansings, specialized teas personalized for your needs in traditional indigenous practice.

"Seek the outstanding mental conflict in the person, give him the remedy that will overcome that conflict and all the hope and encouragement you can, then the virtue within him will, itself do all the rest."

-Dr. Edward Bach

I have created a specific healing program called THEIA, Therapeutic Healing Expressive Integrated Arts Sessions that I use in sessions.


  • ​Grief & Loss, including End of Life Transitions (Death and Mourning Doula with Grief Healing/Counseling follow up).

  • Physical & Emotional Trauma

  • Chronic Pain and Illness

  • Life Transitions

  • Creative and Spiritual Blocks

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Addiction Recovery and Sustained Recovery Support

  • Psycho aromatherapy

  • Psycho Neuro Arts

  • Transpersonal Therapeutic Expressive Arts

  • Transpersonal Counseling

  • Curanderismo Traditional Healing

  • Mindfulness Based Healing Arts

  • Movement, Food and Plant Medicine

Services offered:

Integrated Mental Wellness

My practice includes: Mindfulness and meditation training in the MBSR and MMFT traditions, HeartMath HVT, sound healing/therapy (BrainTap, Cymantics, Solfeggio frequencies, etc), plant medicine (herbs, plants and Bach Flower), Curanderismo traditional folk healing practices, aromatherapy, supplement recommendations, acupressure/hand reflexology, guided imagery/visualization, healing meditation practices and more.

Therapeutic Healing Expressive Integrated Arts (THEIA)

Transpersonal psychology involves going beyond the cognitive, logical mind and moving into the depths of space into the subconscious. We do this through process oriented, expressive arts practices that combine stream of consciousness and flow state creation, focused on expression and not product.

Private Accessible, Yoga 4 All, Body Positive Yoga Sessions

I offer virtual and in person (limited basis) private Accessible Chair and Chair/Standing Yoga Sessions with additional Chair Restorative, Bed Yoga, Accessible Yin, Mat Restorative and specialize in Yoga for Large Bodies (XL-6XL), limited mobility and arthritis.

Grief and End of Life Transitioning

Metaphysical Healing Arts

CBD, Ear Seeds and Supplements for Wellness

Integrated Mental Wellness Pracitioner and Curandera Espiritu

I am a Curandera Espiritu trained through the University of New Mexico in Curanderismo, the Latin American Traditional Medicine practice, Erika Beauaflor, Curandera, and Curandera Espiritu Grandmother Flor de Mayo. Learn more about my qualifications training , Transpersonal Psychology and Curanderismo. I hold a Phd in Psychology/Transpersonal Counseling, a D Min in Spiritual Counseling, a MA in Applied Psychology and a BS in Education. I also have numerous certifications in mind body medicine, integrated healing, yoga, positive psychology, addictions and co-occurring disorders, clinical trauma and grief treatment and expressive arts therapy. I also have certifications in the following:

  • CRADC, ICADC , MARS, ADDC, MPS - Addiction counseling, medication assisted recovery and prevention

  • Certified mindfulness and meditation teacher, primordial sound meditation and E-RYT-200/500

  • HeartMath HVT Certified Clinical Provider

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Grief Counseling Specialist, Anxiety Disorders Specialist

  • Certified Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professional with training at the Andrew Weil Institute

  • Certified Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapist with Level 3 Somatic Embodiment and Self Regulation Strategies and much more...

  • Certified Sound Healer and Sound Therapist (voice, multi-instrument, bowls, bells)

  • Certified Guided Imagery Specialist

  • Certified Endocannabinoid Specialist (CBD)

and many more...

Bach Flower Remedy Certified Practitioner

There are 38 remedies in the Bach remedy system. All of them were discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician, and pathologist. Each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. The remedies are in liquid form, typically, so that you can mix together the remedies you need to help balance your current emotional situation. Like Dr. Bach, I believe that healing on an emotional level has a direct effect on the body as well. A healthy emotional life and a balanced personality will allow your body to find its own natural state of health.

Dr. Bach designed his system to be simple. It may seem daunting at first, but anybody can learn how to use it. There is no prescription needed to use Bach Flower Essences. You can purchase them online and at local grocers such as Whole Food, Natural Grocer and Vitamin Cottage. I am trained in the specific use of preparing the remedies and utilization of multiple essences in order to address several different emotional issues at one time. The most accessible remedy is called Rescue Remedy and it comes in small candies, sprays and the tinctures (preserved in alcohol typically however a vegetable, vegan glycerine preparation is available as well). Interested in Bach Flower Remedies? Contact me!

Contact me to schedule your appointment. Free 15 minute consolation required prior to booking.

COVID UPDATE: We are now offering in-person sessions to masked individuals (N 95 Masks Required for my safety) in the Kansas City area (Briarcliff and Zona Rosa).

Telehealth services will continue to be available as an option for all and are available across the U.S. for specified services (Integrated Mental Wellness, Transpersonal Therapeutic Expressive Arts, Accessible Yoga, etc).

​No-contact pick-up for herbal medicine will also continue to be available.

We will be constantly reassessing current COVID-19 conditions and post updates online here.