‘Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts.’

– Dr. Edward Bach

What is Transpersonal Counseling/Psychology and Transpersonal Therapeutic Art?

Transpersonal Therapeutic Art works on a soul level. Moving towards the depths of the self can be a scary place to enter alone. A trained transpersonal therapeutic art practitioner and therapist can create the container to hold deep emotions and provide the vehicle for insight to emerge. Sometimes words cannot articulate the complexity of difficult experience. Touching warm clay, spreading vibrant color on a canvas, or arranging objects in sand can express meaningful emotion and elicit clarity. Transpersonal Therapeutic Art facilitates an engagement with deep personal imagery and narratives to support healing and transformation. Transpersonal Counseling addresses the soul and spirit and embraces many depth psycholoty avenues like Dreamwork, symbols and mandala creations to look deeper than the conscious mind. It is often a revelatory experience for those who engage in it. I use a strengths based, affirming approach that is validating and interactive.

As an Integrated Therapies Practitioner I combine my training in Transpersonal Counseling with Integrated, Holistic Healing Arts and Curanderismo. Methods I use include:

  • Plant Medicine and Supplements. I use herbs, plants (including endocannabinoids) and Bach Flower Remedies to help people support mood and mental wellness naturally. Application comes from researched, scientifically proven benefits of each that are well documented and traditional folk medicine methods. Bach Flower Remedies stem from the work of Dr. Edward Bach, a British medical doctor who researched immunology and developed an interest in homeopathy. He felt illness was the effect of disharmony between the body and mind and that symptoms of illness were external expressions of negative emotional states. His flower essences address specific issues in the mind such as removing negative thoughts, anxiety, elements that contribute to depression, etc.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness practices. Whether you have no experience in mindfulness and meditation or many decades, I assist people in using moving meditation (Thich Nhat Hahn, Zinn) and learning the 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness (how to apply them in your life). For beginners we start with simple awareness. Mindfulness and Meditation is good for calming your nerves, but it’s used as well to reach another plane of existence. Mindfulness involves being aware of the present and not letting the past or future occupy your mind. It involves heightened sensations that allow a person to see the world around them in much more detail. Mindfulness is the first of 9 different steps in learning Buddhist meditation, but is not isolated to those practicing Buddhism. It is widely accepted as effective stress and anxiety relief as well as for healing properties since the 70's in the U.S. when Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, et al. created Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts. I also use MMFT (Mindfulness based Mind Fitness Training) that has been used in the military and now civilian population created by Dr. Elizabeth Stanford. A transpersonal psychologist will use different types of meditation to help you connect with your subconscious and at times, access your spirit guides. I utilize various types of meditation in a variety of traditions including Yogic (Buddhist/Hindu), Christian (Contemplative Prayer and Quaker Insight) and Indigenous paths.

  • Guided Imagery/Visualization. Visualization is a powerful agent of change for the mind, body and spirit. The neuroscience and psychoneuroimmunology of visualization has proven that it can be a healing agent of change for both mental and physical ailments and illnesses. NASA has had it's own visualization program that it trains it's astronauts in even! Guided Imagery and visualization is not hypnosis. It is simply a relaxation method where I guide you into opening to visualizing and noticing's. It can be used in making peace with different parts of you i.e. inner child/inner advisor work, visualizing different health outcomes, overcoming anxiety and panic, lifting depressive moods, aiding in sleep and of course, stress reduction. Stress, and it's physiological processes in the body, create most of the diseases (dis-ease) in our mind, body and spirit. It is well documented in medical research that stress impedes the immune system which makes physical healing more difficult. It can even create coronary artery disease, chronically high levels of the hormone cortisol releasing in your system which creates numerous mind/body problems, insomnia, and major impact on the heart and brain.

  • Dreamwork. Your dreams are said to be a look into the world beyond the conscious. A transpersonal psychologist will look at your dreams and try to find the meaning of them. Lucid Dreaming guidance, where you are able to control your dreams, is provided as well.

  • Therapeutic Expressive Arts Therapy and Sound Healing/Therapy. Some transpersonal psychologists will use music to help a person stay calm, reach their goals, or reach the next level of consciousness. Ancient medicine practices have used sound healing since time began. This can be in the form of toning, chanting, humming, singing and through the use of instruments. The resonance of sound changes the energy vibration of the cells in the body, in your subtle body energy field impacting the neurophysiology of your mind, promoting mood. Therapeutic expressive arts include (writing, visual art of all kinds, music, movement, biblio therapy, poetry therapy, etc). These experiences are process oriented and do not focus on form, function or elements and principles of art. They focus on expressing and then contemplative reflection invoking the subconscious mind, bringing it to consciousness.

  • Movement as Medicine. The concept of movement as medicine had been long held by professions such as physical therapy, in yoga and the Asian movement arts such as yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, chiropractic and traditional medicine practices. In the past 30 years research from trauma treatment pioneers Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and Dr. Peter Levine have proven to be effective in using somatics and yoga to release chemicals and body memories held in the cells and fascia after traumatic events. Movement is also a major contributor in relieving stress, developing hormonal responses in the brain that counter depression and quell anxiety. I am an E-RYT200/500 with Yoga Alliance and an YAECP provider. I lead private chair, bed, restorative and gentle Yin yoga pratices all in an Accessible Yoga model (created by Jivana Heyman. Being large bodied I specialist in Large Body Yoga For All and Body Positive Yoga for sizes (XL-6XL+) and also utilize other practices with chair based movement. Private yoga is customized just for your mobility. Chair Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain (including Bed Yoga) is a deep interest on mine.

  • Emotion Code and Resonance Repatterning. These methods involve identifying blocked emotions and working to release them working with your Heart Wall, muscle testing and energetics. Scientists first began measuring the heart’s electrical field with the discovery of the electrocardiogram machine (EKG) in 1895. Not too long ago, a new machine was developed called the magnetocardiogram (MCG), which measures the magnetic field of the heart instead of the electrical field. To their astonishment, scientists found that the heart’s magnetic field extends up to 12 feet in diameter around the body! ¹Using this very advanced technology, scientists have been able to confirm some absolutely mind-boggling things about the heart that they never imagined! Every beat of the heart sends messages to all the cells of the body. The brain in your head obeys the messages sent by the heart. The heart can “think” for itself. The heart has the ability to “remember” things. We develop a Heart Wall when we have been emotionally wounded in life. Emotion code helps us work with our heart wall and release blocked emotions. Resonance Repatterning combines a variety of alternative medicine practices into one treatment methodology. It is another mind/body method using affirmation, energy practices like Qi Gong and EFT. Founded in neuroscience and ancient healing traditions, Resonance Repatterning® uses your own subconscious to discover unconscious blocks that keep you stuck in unwanted life patterns, a process designed to clear away old beliefs, behaviors and negative emotions that create limitations in your life.

  • Peak and Plateau Experiences. The concept was originally developed by Abraham Maslow in 1964, who describes peak experiences as "rare, exciting, oceanic, deeply moving, exhilarating, elevating experiences that generate an advanced form of perceiving reality, and are even mystic and magical in their effect upon the experimenter. There are several unique characteristics of a peak experience, but each element is perceived together in a holistic manner that creates the moment of reaching one's full potential. Peak experiences can range from simple activities to intense events; however, it is not necessarily about what the activity is, but the ecstatic, blissful feeling that is being experienced during it. Polyson (1985) states, "Most of the peak experiences occur during athletic, artistic, religious, or nature experiences, or during intimate moments with a friend or family member." There's no recipe for peak experiences, however, developing mindfulness, engagement in the arts, stress reduction, energywork and allowing yourself to let go and open to something bigger than yourself, no matter what you label it, is part of the process typically involved. The Plateau Experience involves a serene calm rather than a poignantly emotional, climactic, autonomic response to the miraculous, the awesome, the sacralized, the Unitive.

  • End of Life, Death Passage and Grief Support/Therapeutics. I'm a trained Death and Mourning Doula with certification as a Grief Counseling Specialist and trained by Hospice of America, Columbia Universities Center for Prolonged Grief, Cal State San Marcos' Center for Palliative Care, and numerous other providers. I have specific training in using art in the End of Life process as well as ritual and holistic practices and am an ordained minister in the New Thought faith, with is an interfaith practice. I do not provide medical care or hospice, however my road is an accompaniment to those services. Services can be provided to those who are choosing to pass at home and in certain instances, in a hospital setting. I provide transpersonal integrated health and spiritual services that include energy cleansings and sacred space blessings/development, aromatherapy to ease transition and emotions, meditations and guided imagery in the months, days and weeks prior to crossing over, vigil planning and implementation, and embrace the sacredness of the dying process. Arrangements can also be made for me to provide comfort support through the process (COVID limitations apply). Family support can be arranged for assistance in the end of life process, mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery and aromatherapy support, developing Legacy and Life Review activities and the mourning process that follows and can include goodbye rituals, rituals of celebration of life, Family Memorial Mandala Making and continued comfort support through integrated transpersonal whole person wellness support.

  • Metaphysical and Psychic Arts. This studies concepts that cannot be proven scientifically, such as reincarnation, paranormal experiences and psychic arts such as channeling, the "Claire's", and being an empath. I work with Shamanic and Animist processes in many capacities and have worked with metaphysical and psychic arts since I was a young child.

Key Philosophy of Services

  • Life is a conscious partnership between the physical (personality) and non-physical (soul).

  • There is inter-connectedness of mind, body & soul.

  • Disharmony in the physical body is a soul reminder that the personality self is in some way out of alignment.

What is Curanderismo?

Curanderismo is a holistic approach to wellness that has been used in the Americas for hundred of years known as Mexican Traditional Healing and folk medicine. It is usually a synthesis of Mexican indigenous culture and beliefs and a blending of Native medicines, European traditional medicine, energy work, spiritual work, that includes elements of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Curanderas (women healers) work on three levels:

The Physical Body through use of ritual objects, platicas (heart to heart conversations), plants and herbs, song and channeled prayer (espiritu).

The Spritual Body through prayer and meditation to communicate with spiritual beings for guidance and healing (angels, dieties, etc).

Mental/Energy through visualization, directing healing energy.

In Curanderismo, it is believed that disease is caused by social, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual issues, what we in psychology call biopsychosocial theory. It is used as an adjunct to your doctor's or psychiatrists conventional medical interventions, not in replacement of it. Curanderismo can address a wide variety of situations including:

  • Addressing physical, emotional (divorce, breakup, loneliness, grief, anxieties, depression) and spiritual (emptiness, disconnection, searching) needs of facing potential chronic or life threatening illnesses.

  • Chronic long term stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Providing emotional support to women facing women's issues.

  • Easing suffering of PTSD (Susto/ Soul Wound) and support substance use recovery.

  • Helping to release negative energy surrounding different situations in your life.

  • Processing Near-Death Experiences. When someone has a brush with death, they may detach themselves from their body, have their life flash before their eyes, or have a religious experience. A near-death experience is said to be a peek at life beyond our conscious.

As a Curandera Espiritu, I am able to retrieve direction from spirit guides to assist you on your healing path. In Curanderismo, we use limpia's -- traditional processes for clearing energy attachments, intention session (petitions), herbal/plant medicine, platica's (heart to heart conversations much like counseling, and universal spiritual support.


I am not a physician, psychiatrist or nurse. These are cultural specific healing services and holistic adjunct healing practices that do not replace medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. It is recommended that you see a licensed psychician or psychiatrist for any physical or psychological ailment you may have. Your information is confidental and I abide by all HIPPA laws and regulations including the use of a HIPPA compliant EMR and medical storage system.

What Is Soul Healing?

This is a concept that is sometimes mixed up with traditional psychotherapy. Soul healing is mainly concerned with your authentic self and destiny. It's a spiritual road we are talking about here. It helps in the expansion of spiritual consciousness, the formation of relationships, and the development of ties with your spirit. The fact that soul healing helps you flourish in your profession and personal life, as long as they are associated with your soul's journey, appears to be one of the most essential things for individuals. Our souls are indeed very remarkable because they possess the ability to heal themselves. All you need to do is to eliminate the energy blockages and let your spirit heal itself. You can expect considerable improvements in other aspects of your existence as a result of doing so, such as your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It's wonderful how everything is related and how it all contributes to a happy and healthy existence. In soul healing, the healer will attempt to contact the spiritual world. The knowledge you gain from these sessions will have a significant influence on your daily life. These healing sessions are transpersonal, holistic, and sensitive treatments that act on a variety of spiritual stages. Healers will channel and allow spirit guides, angelic healing energies and energies from Ascended Masters into regions where energy flow is restricted. Blocks are broken, cords pulled and aura's mended with this approach through different treatments and often multiple sessions.

Our bodies have a tendency to manifest underlying issues as physical disorders. That's why soul healing is so important: it can help you get to the bottom of difficulties that your body is expressing. Many symptoms that you believed were rooted in medicine, such as headaches, will improve after you learn to release and repattern energy barriers.


Do you use talk therapy methods or talk therapy? I use various processes in our platica's that include cognitive elements that examine your core beliefs, limiting thoughts, defense mechanisms and the correlation between thoughts, beliefs and actions, that teach mindfulness based methods and develop distress tolerance, that are solution focused helping you discover, cognitively, solutions to your issues instead of the problems they cause and practices that uses questioning to help you come to your own reasons for making behavioral changes in your life. Platica's, heart to heart conversations, also focus on utilization of energy medicine, law of attraction or writing petitions of intent and utilizing them as affirmation and gratitude practices that impact the mind and body.

Are you a licensed mental health therapist or psychologist? The short answer is no. However, I am a credentialed substance abuse counselor in Missouri (CRADC), Oregon (CADC), Colorado (ADDC) and Vermont. Even though I hold a Master's in applied psychology with a counseling emphasis and a Phd in psychology and transpersonal counseling, I do not qualify as a licensed psychologist because my programs were not APA approved which is required now for most states in the U.S. I am a registered/unlicensed psychotherapist in the states of Colorado and Vermont which allows me to legally practice psychotherapy in those states only. I also hold numerous Coaching certifications including:

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (Individual, Family, Addictions) and Compassion Fatigue.

  • Certified Grief Counseling Specialist (Advanced GCS is currently being completed) with training in Prolonged and Complicated Grief from Columbia University's Center for Prolonged Grief. Additional training from Hospice Centers of American, Un. Wisconsin, HeartLight Center, What's Your Grief and Creative Grief Institute.

  • Certified Mental Health Integrated Medicine Provider through Harvard trained psychologist Dr. Leslie Korn with advanced training and supplemental training from the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, the University of Minnesota's Integrated Therapies and Healing program and Mind Body Institute. Currently completing my Certified Functional Medicine for Trauma Treatment credential.

  • Certified Ayurveda Specialist through my advanced yogic studies and posses my E-RYT200 and RYT-500 (advanced) yoga teacher credentials from Yoga Alliance. I have over 2000 hours of yoga teaching experience in the genre of accessible, chair and restorative yoga as well as Vinyasa, Hatha, Children's, Nidra and Yin. I am certified all those areas as well as Aqua Yoga, Yoga For All, Accessible Yoga which includes Bed Yoga for the seriously ill and immobile and Body Positive Yoga studying with Jivana Hyman, Amber Karnes and Diane Bondy as well as Michelle Young and Steph Ball-Mitchell.

  • Certified Level 3 Somatic Embodiment for Self Regulation (Linda Thai)

  • Certified Clinical Provider HeartMath HVT for Stress, Anxiety, Self-Regulation and Trauma Informed HeartMath (Resilient Heart). Also certified in Primoridal Sound Meditation and Pranayama (Chopra Institute).

  • Credential in FIT Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders from Hazelden Betty Ford.

  • Certified Mindfulness Based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT), Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR and yogic traditions), Certified Mindfulness Informed Professional

  • Certified Youth Mental Health Specialist

  • Certification in Healing with The Arts (UCF), Healing in Palliative Care (UC-San Marcos) and Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapy. Additional training in Focusing Expressive Arts Therapy Methods.

  • Certified Shamanic Life Coach, Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Wellness and Vegan Nutrition Life Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Life Coach, Law of Attraction Life Coach, Professional and Master Life Coach

  • Certified Karuna Ki and Usui Reiki Master and Grand Master

  • Certified Sound Healing Practitioner Levels 1 , 2 and Expert.

  • Certified Angelic Therapy Practitioner (Advanced) and Golden Light Teacher

  • Certified Aromatherapy Specialist

  • Certified Holistic Herbalism Specialist

  • Certified Guided Imagery Therapist

  • Certified End of Life Death Doula and Mourning Doula

  • Certified Healing with the Art in Palliative Care Trainer

  • Certificate in Fine Arts, KCAI

  • Certificate in Reflexology, Red Rocks Community College

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Foundations of Trauma Informed Care, Un of Buffalo School of Social Work

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Trauma Informed Organizations: Education, Un. of Buffalo School of Social Work

  • Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership

  • Post Bachelor's Certificate in Transpersonal Psychology/Creative Expressive Arts Program

  • Specializations in Social Emotional Learning (UC Boulder), Positive Psychology (UPenn), Curanderismo (UNM), Women in Recovery (NAADAC), Wellness in Recovery (NAADAC), Technology in the Addiction Profession (NAADAC), Recovery to Practice (NAADAC), Integrated Therapies and Healing Practicies (U MN)

  • Master's of Applied Psychology: Counseling Emphasis, Regis University

  • Bachelor's of Science in Education, University of St. Mary

  • Associates of Arts - Music, Metropolitan Community Colleges KC (with vocal performance education at UMKC Conservatory of Music and Park College)

Additional training in art therapy methods, DBT, CBT, SFT, EFT, FFT, MI, RODBT, MBCBT, ACT with Compassion, Healing Meditations. I love making art and music and have for decades as part of my own therapeutic process and Sacred Art practice!